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Why I Write YA Fiction

One thing I dislike is for a kid to say that they hate to read.  Another thing that I dislike more than that is to hear that an African-American child does not know how to read or does not comprehend what he or she reads.

I believe that both are a load of malarky!

Usually a child/YA does not like to read because he/she can’t find anything worth reading.  They hate reading because 9 times out of 10 they are picking up books with content that they cannot identify with.  They need to read and see more books out there that depict who they are as a person.  They need to be taken into a whole new world and shown that reading is fun, exciting, and educational at the same time.

I believe that they have a harder time with reading comprehension because most of the content they read and supposed to comprehend has nothing to do with them or their lifestyle.  So an African-American child may have to work twice as hard than other students who can identify with the content.

For example:  Even something as simple as a little word play can make a difference.

Changing certain names.  Instead of Becky… insert Sharkeshia.  (I know a bit extreme but I think you get the point lol)

So getting back to the point.  I write because I believe that kids should read and they should love it, find it entertaining, and learn something from it at the same time.

Another reason is that I can reach more people with my books than who I just meet on a daily.  I hope that in someway I can help each and every person who reads a novel by Heaven J. Fox.


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