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Day 1 ~ Blog Challenge (Introduction)



I’m doing the 31 Day Blog Challenge because I’ve just started blogging and hopefully this will help me get a feel of the website and a little practice in blogging.

It feels kind of redundant making the intro when I just completed my about me page which you can read here.  I’ll try to come up with something that’s not in there. lol

So I guess if you continued on reading without going to the about me page… I’ll just introduce myself as what kind of type of person I am.

I’m a very mild and meek person.  Well that is until provoked.  Then I might be a person that’s hard to shut up and chill out.

I’m a big scaredy cat!  I hate bugs, spiders, and just icky stuff altogether.  I even hate GRASS!  Yes!  GRASS!!! I don’t like to walk on it let alone have it touch my feet or any part of my body.  So I would never wear opened toed shoes or flip flops and walk across the grass.  I don’t know why.  My mom said I was like that even as a baby. 😀

When we were dating my husband wanted to plan a picnic for a little get away date.  “EW!”  Just the thought of sitting outside let alone eating outside made me want to gag!  Trying to explain that was a doozy!  This was my face!  >>> 635943007037025523-1019816617_6359430070303069701289559403_vhkalkt(“You want me to sit where and do what on it?”)  I know it’s weird but that’s me and I don’t think it will change any time soon.  Oh yeah that goes for sand on the beach too!  Especially getting my feet wet by the ocean or wondering what I might step in or on!  “EWWWW!!!”  Yeah, I could never say I love long walks on the beach!  Because I don’t! 😀


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