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Day 10 ~ First Celebrity Crush


My first celebrity crush

At first I was going to say or course, Michael Jackson.  But in all honesty… it was Tom Hanks!  I loooooooved this dude when I was younger and soooooo wanted to marry him! LOL


Bosom Buddies was my favorite sitcom of all times!  Wait… nope that would be a lie… But it did come second to The Facts of Life!  That show was life!

Anyway, yeah Tom Hanks was my crush and I would sit there and daydream about him all the time!  I would envision myself as whatever love interest he may of had in any of his movies and wished I were them.

Not much to say about that since it was eons ago.

So other celebrity crushes I had was like I said before Michael Jackson.  I know there are many faces and stages of Mike but this one right here…   michael-jackson-album-coversI was in love with!  It reminded me of that song, Dear Michael, by Kim Fields!  Yes! Honey!  That was my jam back then!  Kim took the words out of my mouth when she mad that song.  Hey maybe I can find it and post it for you guys?!

Yay!  It worked!  Okay so this is the song I was talking about… And if I didn’t say so yet, Kim Fields was and still is my all time fav female actress!

Last but not least my last celebrity crush is….. (Drumroll please!)

Terrence Deshon Howard!!!  Muah! Right there in the middle.


Yall may know him better as… Lucius Lyon from the show Empire!


What about you guys?  Who were your fav celebrity crush?


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