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Day 11 ~ Most Proud Moment

This is a doozie because I can’t think of just one proud moment.  I have a lot of kids so I have a lot of proud moments, thank God!

So I’ll narrow it down by the most recent and the youngest.  My baby girl, she’s 6 and in the 1st grade.  I’m homeschooling her at the moment and we are really enjoying ourselves with it.

She loves to read!  We read everyday and night.  We don’t miss a night of reading, either she’s reading to me or I’m reading to her.  Anyway, her reading has taken off!  She’s an excellent reader and I’m not just saying that because I’m her mom.

She’s read complex words that we haven’t done as sight words just by sounding them out.  She’s also read a few passages from the Bible.  However I was so proud of her reading this one day that I took a video of her reading and sent it to her older siblings and grandmother.  They were so proud of her too!

Another thing that makes me proud is that she wants to write her own book like now!  Soooooo, we shall be working on that soon.  She wants to write it and illustrate it herself!  So hopefully stay tuned and watch out for that one day.LOL


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