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Day 6 ~ 3 Personality Traits I’m Proud Of

Here are the 3 Personality traits that I’m proud to have. 😀

The first one is Loyalty   loyal

I’m proud to be loyal because it has to do with being trustworthy.  If people are worth your time in the first place they’re are going to respect you for being a loyal friend.  With loyalty comes everything else that makes a great relationship survive as with dealing with anyone.

Sarcastic:   c68e1c54710c1a002d4317917e745337

Yes, I think I love my sarcasticness because I’m learning how to control it more.  It’s like my go to defense mechanism that can scare off the predator.  It used to be full blown anger that may even should have had some  anger management classes, but thank God He was my teacher so now, if you come at me wrong you might just get some sarcasticness instead of an angry outburst. LOL

Submissive:   submissive-wife

I love this word!  Some people… mostly women get offended easily when they hear it because they look at it as a weakness or a reason for a man to walk all over or abuse a woman.  That’s not true.  Submissive to me is just feminine.  I see grace and beauty when I see the word submissive.  And any good wife would feel the same for her husband.  But then again you would have to have a good God-fearing husband to know the true definition of what being submissive really is.  My husband is the head of our ship.  He’s the captain and he has a great crew standing behind him, so why would I want to upturn the ship to try and be captain too?  I’m just fine being co-captain.  If you knew how to stay in your lane and co captain properly, you wouldn’t even want to be a “captain.”

I’m not really sure if I made myself clear… LOL  It just seems like such a controversial topic that may spawn arguments.  Just my thoughts and feelings tho.

You guys want to weigh in on your personality traits?


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