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Day 9 ~ Piercing & Tattoos

tumblr_mb8v5bnyu81rpjk2co1_500 (I’ve never been a big earring wearing but this is about what I’d wear.)

I have two sets of earring holes in each ear.  I got them both pierced when I was a young girl and then the second set when I was a teen.  However the second set seems to be closed pretty much because I never really used them.  It seemed that fake jewelry irritated me and I never really had two pair of real carat jewelry at the same time. lol

The only tattoos I have are the ones that each of my children gave me across my belly.  I hate needles and don’t see the need to put myself through more torture.  Besides, I’ve never liked anything enough to want it permanently etched on my body.  Most girls back in the day wanted a heart or butterfly or something like that but nope, never been a fan.



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