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Hey Sister

Hey sister…..

Standing there with your skin tone like mine,

Why is it I that you despise.

Loving your style, your grace, your flare,

Loving you with long, straight, or curly hair

We got the same blood running through our bloodline,

I on the other hand, love the way you shine.

So, why is it I that you despise

For some reason, you always have to take what’s mine,

But still I rise, and you continue to despise.

You push me down,

Step on me to make yourself look higher

I don’t know about you

But black sista, I’m getting tired

I’ll continue to love you till the day we expire

But respect, love, and honesty is what friendships require,

Don’t smile in my face, then talk behind my back,

You can come talk to me, I thought we were better than that!

Everybody has their on opinions

Not saying I’m right or you,

Just show a little love and give the respect that’s do!



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