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I cry…..
I breathe…..
I cry some more….
And I breathe again
Why can’t he see that I want Him
Everybody wants Him
I long for Him
Everybody longs for Him
I go to sleep and pray to God that he don’t wake me in the morning
I’m lost without Him
I can’t live without Him
But then again,
I couldn’t breathe without Him
I asked Him,
Why is my life this way?
I heard nothing
Because I thought He said nothing
I didn’t hear because I was to busy thinking about me
I think about Him all the time
But it seems that at my darkest moments….
He leaves me
I asked Him why did you leave me?
Am I that bad of a person?
Are the things I’ve done so unforgivable?
I sat quietly…
I said nothing….
I listened….
And He said……..

My child, I have been with you since the beginning of time……
I will never leave you, nor forsake you…….



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