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Living My Dream

Living My Dream

I used to dream when I was a girl,
That I would find the best man in the world
He would love only me for who I am
About my past, he wouldn’t give a damn
I’ve done some crazy things when I was young
So as far as my dream, I knew it was done

I’d pick a guy that I thought was for me
But every night and day my soul was taunted
Coming by and calling whenever they wanted
Having babies to keep them is what it seemed
But the look in my babies’ eyes gleamed.
And then….I remembered my dream.

I prayed to the Lord to give me strength
And make the man that I was with have sense
But it seems like more and more he became dense
His flirtin all the time was getting on my nerves
Lord hear my cries cause this I don’t deserve.

I sat still and I listened to what my God said
Every night you don’t need to have a man in your bed
Sit back and chill and get your head together
Make sure that you can stand in any type of weather
For when you can stand alone with only My assistance
Then I will find a man for you to travel in the distance

There is a man that I made only for you
As I’m getting him ready, I’m doing the same to you
And when the time is right
You two shall meet at night
And this love I promise will be out of sight.

I listened and I did as the Lord God said
And now every night I have a man in my bed
He is a man that loves me from what I can see
I didn’t pick him, this guy chose me!

At first I didn’t think that he was my type
But the Lord God said, “That’s him all right!”
I put my trust in the Lord and ran full speed
Yes! Thank you Lord, this is the guy I need!

He loves all our children, yes his and mine
But when we got married, they all were combined
Thank you Lord Jesus for giving me my dream
He’s everything I wanted and more it seems

Just help me Lord to keep the man you gave me
Safe, sound, and happy
And please Lord don’t wake me to reality
For now, I’m living my dream!



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