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Day 12 ~ If I Won the Lottery…

If I won the Lottery…

I’m guessing we are talking about more  money than I could imagine!  So here it goes…

If I won the lottery, I’d build my own home from the ground up on the biggest land possible.  No, I don’t need a huge mansion with 17 bathrooms and a thousand rooms.  But I’d like a spacious house with an awesome laundry area and a wonderful kitchen that was to die for!  I’m a simple woman so what may be to die for for me is very simple spacious and clean with great counter top and cabinet space.  lol

I would also like to have a mother -n -law suite in the back for my mom… and then a few more to accommodate all my 7 children…. So basically I’d like a small block surrounded by my loved ones. 😀

But on to the more seriousness of things… I’d like to open up homeless shelters all around where you have abandoned buildings just sitting there doing nothing but turning old and rotting away while they could have been housing and keeping someone warm.

I’d like to have a bus too that rides around looking for the homeless and people across the roadways standing there with signs asking for help.  I’d like to be able to help them and not just for a night or too of putting hot food in their belly’s and a warm place to sleep.  I want to literally help them get on their feet.  Get a job and then a real place to stay.

Then I’d like to open a non profit business like a Goodwill or Salvation Army to help clothe the unfortunate or low income.  I’d like to be able to give those clothes away for free for them and their children.  Have you guys seen the prices today at Goodwill???  You might as well go to a regular store and shop!  I walked into a Goodwill store the other day and walked right back out.  Used clothes with tares and stains and I could get a better deal at Kmart, Walmart, or any Department store for that matter!

I just wish the world had more Love and Compassion for one another…

Love you guys,


Colossians 3:12

12 Therefore, as God’s chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience.



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