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Day 18 ~ What Am I Afraid of?

What AM I Afraid Of?

Probably the easier question would be what am I NOT afraid of.  LOL  Well to make things simple I’m going to use a list.  Here are most of the things that I am afraid of.

  • The unknown
  • Being Home alone
  • A bad report from the doctor
  • Dying
  • Losing a close loved one
  • Dentist
  • Driving at night alone
  • Driving out of town alone
  • Failure
  • Not having readers / Or people hate my books
  • Monsters
  • Open closet doors when I sleep
  • Hanging my foot off the side of the bed LOL
  • Running out of things to write about
  • Meeting new people
  • Giving speeches or sermons
  • Posting on social media in the form of reader engagement or when someone is supposed to respond but doesn’t
  • Breaking a bone
  • Getting old

That’s pretty much the just of it all… How about you?  Are what are you afraid of?


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