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Day 19 ~ My Worst Habits…

My Worst Habits…

Well I guess I’m glad to say that I don’t have many!  I think I’m pretty good for the most part of being able to either not start something or have the willpower to quit.

  • My worst habit was smoking cigarettes.  I had been smoking since the age of 16.  I used to still my mother’s cigs from her pack and hide them around the house.  I’d hurry home from school and go to the bathroom to light up before she came home from school.  (Hmmmmmm…. that just gave me an idea for one of my characters!  I guess this blogging and challenge thing is good for something! LOL)  I have quite many times and started back since then.  I am currently now smoke free again probably going on 9-10 months?
  • This one is a bit embarrassing for me but I will share it for you guys!  *I’m hesitating…. (How much is too much info?) Hahahaha… Okay, so when I was about 6 years old, my cousin used to suck her thumb and I’d always make fun of her and mimic her.  Well don’t you know it became a habit!  My mother would try to get me to stop so many times.  She’d say, “Try another finger.  You won’t like it and then you will stop!”  Well guess what?  I did what I was told and I went down the line and it became a habit on each freaking finger!  Sad to say, I am now 43 years old and am stuck on my pinky finger.  There I’ve said it!  My step-father even tried to get me to stop by sprinkling hot sauce all over it.  I never liked hot sauce until he did that… now I love the stuff! Hahahaha!
  • I’ve never had any nail biting habit or other little quirky things that was a bad habit.  The only other thing I can think of was drinking.  I started that at a young age too.  Had many of alcoholics in my family and my mother never really like to see me drink excessively so to know worry her so much I stopped.  But late teen and young adult I could tell that it might have run in the family so yea I put a stop to it.  Besides when you truly get into church when you’re older you start to change and you tend to shed your old self like a scaly skin, if ya know what I mean.

So yeah, there ya have it!  Me at my worst!


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