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Day 21 ~ Something I Miss…

Something I Miss…

That’s easy!  My youth!  As soon as I turned 30 years old, I instantly felt different.  I remembered looking in the mirror and seeing the change.  It wasn’t as if I had crows feet or wrinkles… I was just older.  My face fuller.  It didn’t droop or anything but it wasn’t as tight either.

I missed my perky breast and flatter stomach and my BIG badunkadunk!  Where did it all go!?  What happened?  And why was it replaced with another chin!  Who asked for that?  What’s with the extra meat that now hangs from my arms?

Who would have thought that at 43 I’d be telling my kids… “Back in my day I used to be something to look at!”  My mother was never this old at my age!  She’s 67 years old right now and has way more spunk and energy than I do!

I asked my mom one day… “How did you keep up with everything?  You have everything so together and in order when we were kids?”  She said, “Well in all fairness for the most part I just had two kids… you have 7 and the more babies you have the more toll it takes on your body.”  Okay.  I guess she was right because for the most part when I only had my first two kids… I was good! LOL  But the more that came, the more tired I got and they’re boys!  BIG HUGE BOYS! LOL  They are all bigger than me know and they always walk up to me and say, “Dang Ma… you’re little what are you 4’11?”  Yeah well when I turn around and punch you in the gut, you’re going to be glad I wasn’t 4’11! HAHAHAHA

Oh dear, I’m getting off topic!  What are some things you miss?


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