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Day 23 ~ Pet Peeves

Pet Peeves

I know I have a lot but I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to think of them all…

  • People who see you’re blinker but won’t let you over… They won’t speed up or slow down.  They are just determined that they are not going to let you over!
  • When someone pulls out in front of me and then is going so slow I have to break.. And then when I look in back of me there are no cars behind me… They could have waited.
  • Cars that choose to get in the shorter turning lane line and then instead of continuing on in their lane they just get over in front of you… no blinkers or anything!
  • People who act like they have to come to a complete stop when turning

(Yes, It may seem that I have a bit of road rage! LOL)

  • When I’m eating and someone burps without saying excuse me. (Or any other bodily function.)
  • Watching someone eat cereal and try to talk with their mouth full and then milk drips on their chin and they act like it’s not even there.
  • Teaching kids math and you ask them to hold up 7 fingers.  They hold up one hand and two on the other and then they begin to count.  Starting with the whole hand… (You already know that’s FIVE!  Just say FIVE!) Hahahaha!
  • Telling my 6 year old to hold up 6 fingers and she holds up 3 fingers on each hand… LOL
  • TAPPING ME!  UGH!!! That’s the worst!  I hate when my kids come and repeatedly TAP ME!!!  (BIGGEST HUGE PET PEEVE EVER)
  • Calling me repeatedly and then saying Nevermind!
  • Or this…
  • Rude fast food worker or anyone for that matter (Especially if they are giving a service)
  • Still sucking on the straw when there is nothing else left inside and it makes that annoying gurgling sound.
  • When I’m eating and someone comes by my plate and says, “Oh that looks good!” LOL
  • When one of my kids have something and another one finds out and then says, “How they get that?”  (BY ASKING!  TRY IT!)
  • BULLIES! (Need I say more?)
  • When I vacuum and it leaves nice lines and someone walks on it for no reason.
  • People who pop up or decided to come earlier than invited.
  • Watching the same sitcom/movie over and over again.

I think that’s about it…

  • OHHH! WAIT (One more) A funky made bed with wrinkles, sleeping on a bare mattress, dirty sheets, unfresh towels…. wait… are those pet peeves or just things I don’t like?  Or is that the same? lol

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